Caribbean Stud Guide

If you're new to Caribbean Stud and want to learn how to play it, then this is the right article for you to be reading. Here, we will explain in detail the rules that apply in the game as well as the gameplay. We'll also give you tips to help you become a better Caribbean Stud player. Find out which casino bonus is the best at 1001-onlinecasino .

The Rules and Gameplay

Caribbean Stud rules and gameplay are simple and straightforward. At the start of the game after placing the ante bet (starting bet amount), all players will be dealt 5 cards each, face down. The dealer deal himself 5 cards face down and flip the last card for all players to see. After that players can continue with the game by taking one of the following actions.

  • Fold: Quit the game and the ante bet is lost
  • Raise: Continue the game by making an additional bet

Once all players have decided whether to continue the game or fold, the dealer then check to see if he qualifies. For the dealer to qualify, he must have a hand with a minimum of an Ace-King. If the dealer cannot open, then you get paid 1 to 1 for the additional bet placed and the ante bet is pushed and used for the next round of the game.

If the dealer is able to open, however, his hand is compared to yours and whoever has the highest-ranking hand wins. Payout in the game is quite lucrative. The payout for the ante bet is 1 to 1 while the extra bet is paid according to the value of the poker ranking. Winning with Royal Flush pays 100 to 1 while Straight Flush pays 50 to 1.

Caribbean Stud Free

Now that you understand the gameplay of Caribbean Stud, you can play the demo version online to practice and get more familiar with the rules. Since no money is wagered in the free version, you have all the time you need to get a grasp of how the game works. You can also develop and test different betting strategies to apply and use in increasing your chances of winning.

One thing you should know about free Caribbean Stud is that you cannot withdraw or win any money in the game. However, you can enjoy the same features and functions as with the real money versions. If you want to play real money Caribbean Stud, make sure you do so at one of the best online casinos that are licensed and trustworthy in the iGaming industry.